Fit for a Champ: Summer Prizes and Rewards

2017 Sep 20

We had previously discussed in the commisioner's blog that we are looking into more dynamic rewards for this 2017 LCL Summer Term. While we are going to be awarding more champions, from one overall champ to six conference champs, we want to keep the prizes up to scale.

If you haven't registered yet, we have all you need in this article.

Anyway, here's an official list of prizes and rewards you may get in this coming Summer.

Ever since last year, we have been rewarding teams by their performance per game that they play in their respective conferences.

The RP is still at a base of 1000 RP per win and 500 RP per loss rate per player who played the game. Not counting the penalties that the teams may incur through the league. Since the conference series is in an 8-team, round robin format, that's a minimum of 3,500 RP per player even if they're at the bottom of their conference.

We started giving away exclusive commemorative shirts for the top teams of the LCL last 2016 Summer.

Front designs of the past two batches of commemorative shirts.

It's specifically made after the term because the back would showcase all the teams that had won in their respective conferences. It's a really great way to award these teams and we're not going to stop now.

We would want to see a player later on having a collection of these commemorative shirts in their closet. We're yet to gauge if we're going to give this bragging rights just to the conference champion or the top two of each conference.

Aside from the memorabilla, the standard cash prize will not be missed as well. PHP 10,000 will be awarded for each conference champion.

Our partners at Lenovo Intel, gave a great surprise for last 2017 Spring champs, UP-Diliman Oblation Esports, and they will again this Summer.

The headphones connect using bluetooth. Without the messy wires, it's a less hassle headphone for the on-the-go student.

Each player of a conference champion term, will be getting themselves a sleek JBL T450BT Wireless Headphone! The 2,500 peso value accessory was previously part of Lenovo Intel's "Back to School" promo earlier this year.

Excited about this term? We are as well. What do you think is a good prize for a collegiate champ? Tell us in the comments below.